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A human-centric approach to healthcare software

Our cloud solutions put patients first and elevate care standards across the board.

Unifying the healthcare industry

It's no secret that the healthcare industry can often feel quite fragmented. Our mission is to create a system where practitioners, hospitals, clinics, etc. can easily share data and streamline processes, while keeping patients at the centre of it all.

“We believe that engaged healthcare professionals should be enabled to deliver the best possible care to those who need it”
– Sander van de Merwe

A safe and secure health ecosystem

By giving organisations one system to store and interact with all of their data, we reduce data sharing risks, data loss, and exposure to cybersecurity threats. That peace of mind means people can focus on what really matters: high-quality healthcare.

Our secure cloud solutions comply with all local regulatory requirements and data privacy laws. Learn more about the Visma Security Program and how we prioritise data protection.

Helping healthcare professionals work together

Collaboration is essential in delivering quality healthcare and Visma products are designed to help healthcare professionals:

provide better patient care

improve communication between doctors, nurses, and techs

plan home visits

increase efficiency

Supporting patients in their health journey

One of the most impactful things we can do is empower people to take control of their health. Visma products enable individuals to:

access up-to-date information

communicate with healthcare providers 

schedule appointments and follow-ups

register as a caregiver to receive updates

Keeping care organisations up-to-date

Running a healthcare organisation can be complex, but our tailored solutions simplify operations and save time. Visma products are designed to:

automate administrative tasks

ensure security of sensitive patient records

support clinical decision-making

improve communication between doctors and staff

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