For digital processes

Sustainable e-invoicing that saves time

We provide the most used e-invoicing platforms in the Nordics and Europe. 

Apply e-invoicing to make your billing process faster and more scalable.

Compared to paper invoices, e-invoicing can save up to 60% of your costs and decrease your carbon footprint by nearly 67%. E-invoicing allows you to streamline your entire invoice flow. We are dedicated to building a paperless future for businesses around Europe.

Send and receive e-invoices

All you need to send and receive e-invoices. Work with an online interface or connect to the software you already use. No matter how high or low your invoicing volume is. We take care of all the technical stuff.

Automatic format conversion

Optimised routing for invoices

Scalable solution for all volumes

Integration made easy

If you're looking for a solution to enable e-invoicing, we provide ready-built integrations or open APIs for you to use.

Connect to software in use

Integrate with your invoicing process

APIs for software partners

Invoice lifecycle services

With e-invoicing, you access services that create efficiency and safety around the invoice lifecycle. With minimal effort, you get a lot of possibilities.

Purchase invoice checks

Automated payment monitoring

Flexible Invoice loans

Our e-invoicing products by the numbers


e-invoices processed monthly

A great amount of flexibility

Saves money

Faster, easier, and more reliable. You save time and money by choosing e-invoicing instead of handling paper.

Saves the environment

By using e-invoicing software, you can reduce your carbon footprint by nearly 67% compared to using paper invoices. Your choices can have a huge impact on the environment.

100% transparency and traceability

With e-invoicing, all events are logged and viewable anytime. You get 100% transparency on your most important business processes.

Easy to implement

If you're using software, the built-in assistant can walk you through the implementation process. If we're not integrated, you can use e-invoicing on our desktop interface.

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