For public sector

Financial and planning management for municipalities

Operational efficiency, powerful planning, and clean workspace.

Save time and costs with efficient operation and planning

People expect affordable services that operate the way they should. Our software gives you a clear overview and the structure you need to maintain a flexible and cost-efficient organisation.

Operational efficiency 

Keep track of your organisation's performance and handle deviations immediately to be more efficient.

Enjoy synchronised data across systems 

Combine data from your ERP and FMS

View automated analyses with clear graphics

Powerful planning

Create efficient, collaborative, and helpful plans for your organisation and make a transparent view for the public to follow your progress.

Reuse data and statistics 

Combine budgets, plans, and forecasts 

Build and access digital plans

Clean workspace

Enjoy a clean digital workspace for your organisation.
View the most relevant information to stay focused and productive.

Features tailored to specific roles

Simple dashboards for staff

Only-relevant push notifications

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