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Visma Gat Ressursstyring

Visma Gat Ressursstyring is a comprehensive on-premise software suite for work force management used in large public and private organizations.



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Visma Enterprise AS,NO

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Last updated: Jun 20, 2024

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Data processors 

[{"vendor":"Visma Software International AS (980 858 073)","location":"EU/EEA","country":"","countries":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"],"description":null,"purpose":"Internal IT","vismaRoles":["Data Processor"]},{"vendor":"SINTEF AS, Org. nr. 919 303 80","location":"EU/EEA","country":"","countries":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Personal Data"],"description":null,"purpose":"Optional module for automatic work plan generation","vismaRoles":["Data Processor"]},{"vendor":"Link Mobility AS, Org. nr. 992 434 643","location":"EU/EEA","country":"","countries":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"],"description":null,"purpose":"Optional module for sending and receiving short text messages (SMS)","vismaRoles":["Data Processor"]},{"vendor":"SFDC Ireland Ltd","location":"EU/EEA","country":"","countries":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Personal Data","Sensitive Personal Data"],"description":"ServiceCloud","purpose":"Customer support tool","vismaRoles":["Data Processor"]},{"vendor":"House of Control AS, Org. nr. 990 637 423","location":"EU/EEA","country":"","countries":[],"categoriesOfPersonalData":["Sensitive Personal Data","Personal Data"],"description":null,"purpose":"Optional module for data analysis","vismaRoles":["Data Processor"]}]

Certificates and audit assurance reports

[{"owner":"Visma Software International AS,NO","scope":["ISO 9001","ISO 14001"],"webpage":""}]


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[{"owner":"Visma Software International AS,NO","scope":["ISO 9001","ISO 14001"],"webpage":""}]
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