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Visma expands offering in Dutch education sector through acquisition of Datapas

Visma, European leader in cloud software, has acquired Datapas, provider of planning, control and monitoring software for the Dutch education sector. To realise its growth ambitions, the Dutch software company will collaborate with other Visma companies serving the education sector.

Datapas' cloud solutions support school boards in drawing up budgets and forecasts, strategic staff planning, pupil forecasts and reporting on these as efficiently as possible. Datapas interfaces with HR and financial software.

Datapas customers from primary, secondary and vocational education, totalling almost 1 million students, use the software on a daily basis. Datapas sees opportunities for growth mainly in further expansion in MBO (secondary vocational education), partnerships in education, childcare and expansion towards HBO (higher vocational education) and WO (scientific education). Through the software, the budgets of various entities can be brought together in a single environment.

To better capitalise on their cloud software’s advantages, while also benefiting from collaboration opportunities with other Visma companies in education, Datapas is becoming a part of Visma.

Maarten Vissers, founder and director of Datapas: "Visma has started to focus more on the education sector. For us, it is attractive to join now so that we can start collaborations with Visma companies that support education. I see a lot of future in that. In addition, we benefit from the knowledge within Visma in areas such as operations, marketing and sales."

John Reynders, Area Director of Benelux at Visma: "We are very pleased that Datapas is part of the Visma family. The education sector faces a great challenge to keep educational quality high and remain an attractive employer. With Datapas' software, which extracts data from other systems, education boards can keep a finger on the pulse of developments in their organisation and anticipate them in time. This helps education to remain agile and resilient."

About Datapas

Datapas is an innovative software company that provides solutions for education in the field of planning and control and monitoring educational yield. More than 270 school boards work with Datapas' software. In addition, the software company has set up partnerships with (financial) service providers for education, who use Datapas' software to support their services towards their clients. For more information, visit


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