inFakt: A Visma company in Poland

“A huge strength of Visma is the autonomy and trust we receive. Thanks to that, we can deliver great results”, says Wiktor Sarota, founder and CEO of inFakt.

Quick facts about our Kraków-based company
inFakt aims to be the best online accounting service for Polish entrepreneurs. They deliver e-invoice and billing software designed for entrepreneurs who’d rather not waste time dealing with accounting. The company was founded in 2008 and acquired by Visma in 2020.

  • Total revenue 2021: € 7.6 million
  • Number of employees: 84

Wiktor Sarota, founder and CEO of inFakt

Tell us a little bit about inFakt, and your story prior to becoming a Visma company?

I started inFakt in 2007, with my friend whom I’ve known since primary school. It was our third project. inFakt connects accountants with small business owners and delivers software, and is also a marketplace of accountants.


Why did you choose to join Visma?

In 2015, we said no to an offer from Visma, however we stayed in touch. In 2020 we said yes. The conversations we shared in the M&A process were good, people had a good energy, so we thought that joining Visma would give us the same experience.

How did you go about onboarding your company and employees?

We were warmly welcomed, and our employees were given a nice presentation to Visma. We did security onboarding and HR onboarding, and everything went smoothly. Our experience is that Visma has a good process for onboarding companies.

In what ways has inFakt grown since being acquired?

Our YoY revenue had a 55% growth between 2020 and 2021. By the end of 2022, we’ll have grown 73.8% from 2021.

How do you experience your own autonomy and go-to-market freedom?

A huge strength of Visma is the autonomy and trust we receive. Thanks to that, we can deliver great results.

What are the advantages of belonging to a larger group of software companies?

It’s great from a technical point of view. How Visma works around security aspects, for instance, is the best you can expect. It’s top-notch.

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