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Developing technology to empower people requires a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations. That's where our diverse community of talented designers shine.‍

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As a designer at Visma, you’ll create products and services that serve a clear purpose: meeting user needs and expectations. We have a big UX and design community where we meet for monthly inspiration sessions and meet-ups throughout the year. We're also proud of our UX Buddy program that connects designers across Visma – so that you always have people to collaborate with!

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“The best technology is often the one you don’t notice”

“The best technology is often the one you don’t notice”

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How we work with UX

The foundation of great user experiences is a thorough understanding of our customers and end-users. So we've developed the Visma Value Loop, which helps us put the users needs, wants, and limitations in focus throughout the development process.

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"I love that we work with need-to-have products"

Amanda, Director of User Experience

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"The focus isn't tech, it's people. What can we do for people?"

Mattis, Creative Lead

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