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Nearly 40% of our community are developers, all sharing the same start-up mentality and excitement. That's what makes developing at Visma unlike anywhere else.

Turn complex problems into elegant solutions

As a software developer, you'll deliver solutions that people really need to help simplify their daily lives. You'll work with public cloud platforms, AI and machine learning, automation, front-end technologies, database technologies, and much more. Your creativity and problem-solving skills will be your greatest asset as you build innovative solutions and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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"Without coding or technology, we wouldn't be sitting here"

"Without coding or technology, we wouldn't be sitting here"

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Developing a better tomorrow with AI

We’ve gone all-in on AI investments – introducing new colleagues, dedicated teams, and establishing our first pure AI company to support both our customers and our companies. We're solving essential business problems for millions of people, and our AI projects are scaled to match.

As a developer, you'll identify relevant business problems, experiment with different models and approaches, conduct PoCs, work with DevOps, and make the final models available in the cloud through our APIs. You essentially get to work with software development, data science, and optimisation all at once.

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Visma Developer

Our APIs help keep Europe’s largest cloud ecosystem running

"My colleagues are entrepreneurs, starters, and co-founders"

Lennart, Product Manager

"Technology isn't just about coding, it's about creativity"

Ashwini, Product Owner

Team Jumbo-Visma

We're the title sponsor of the '22 and '23 Tour de France winners

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How Visma is tipping the scales for women in tech

"If you pitch a good idea, you’re good to go"

Martin, Managing Director

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