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We don't just sell software; we deliver solutions that keep the wheels of business turning. From direct sales to complex enterprise journeys, our sales advisors are equipped to handle it all.

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When you work with sales at Visma, your mission is to simplify the working lives of others. One of your biggest responsibilities will be showing customers that you will be a helpful consultant throughout their journey. Because, at the end of the day, it's all about building trust and forging strong relationships.

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"It's about developing each other and building relationships"

"It's about developing each other and building relationships"

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A bridge between marketing and CX

On both sides, your colleagues have your back! Our marketing teams work hard to provide sales-qualified leads. And all your closed deals are cared for by our marvellous customer experience teams. This gives you more time to excel at what you do: getting to know prospects, understanding their needs, and matching them with their best Visma fit.

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"It's all about connecting people with each other"

Marvin, Sales Manager

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