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Data Science

It's one thing to have a lot of data to tap into. It's another to have high-quality data so companies can make sound business decisions. That's what our data science teams do best.

Transform insights into impact

As a data scientist, your work will impact millions of people every single day. You'll support Visma companies by elevating data culture, offering intelligent analytics, and building trustworthy data products. In your day-to-day, you'll help with analytics and reporting, integrations from Visma Data Lake to systems (such as Hubspot or Salesforce), data products and services, and so much more.

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“There’s no language barrier in code”

“There’s no language barrier in code”

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Better together: Development, Data Science, and AI

Do you find yourself between working with software development, data science, and AI development? That’s great! These fields depend heavily on each other and, at Visma, the lines are blurred. To develop great software, we need skill sets across the board – from coding to analysis, and everything in between.

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Machine Learning Assets

We power thousands of companies through AI and ML automation

Visma Trust Centre

Transparency in security and privacy are our cornerstones

"I'm absolutely in love with my job"

Ioana Duda, Business Process Analyst

Visma Developer

Our APIs help keep Europe’s largest cloud ecosystem running

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"There's so much flexibility, experimenting, and responsibility"

Lilja, Product Manager

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